An interview with director of Viporte factory Victor Basok

The director of the Viporte factory, Victor Basok, explains why not every handicraft industry is destined to develop a large Russian dealer network and how much should cost a solid door.

 He tells about how they start their business in Maikop and they started from 100-110 doors in a month. And now it's a big Russian dealer network with more than 100 showrooms all over the Russia.

 Now Viporte factory produces about 800 doors a month.

Viporte factory buy the Caucasian wood. The Caucasian forest is considered one of the best in the world - along with the Canadian one. The older the wood, the better the door is.

The door cost depends on the age of the wood. It is important to use trees that grew together, under the same conditions, on one slope, north or south.

In Viporte catalogue there are models that were designed 10-15 years ago!